2023 2nd International Symposium on Aerospace Engineering and Systems (ISAES 2023)
Prof. Baohui Jia Invited as Conference Technical Committees of ISAES 2022



Prof. Baohui Jia, Civil Aviation University of China






Baohui Jia, born in August 1971, is second-level professor of Civil Aviation University of China and deputy dean of School of Transportation Science and Engineering. The current director of the Professional Committee of CAAC Maintenance Personnel License, Leader of innovation team in key fields of civil aviation science and technology, director of Industrial Engineering Branch of China Society of Mechanical Engineering, director of Tianjin Automation Society, member of operation support expert group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, member of the International Society of Automata Engineers (SAE) Civil Aircraft Safety Assessment Working Group, member of the Fire Protection Working Group, representative of observer unit of the Civil Aircraft Maintenance Program Industry Group (CMPIG).

Presided over and completed 12 scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the civil aircraft special project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; published more than 30 papers in important domestic and foreign academic journals and international conferences such as "Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica", and authorized 7 patents;  published 3 monographs and translations; presided over the formulation of 1 civil aviation industry standard. 

Won 1 first prize of provincial and ministerial teaching achievement, 3 third prizes of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements as the first completion person, excellent graduate tutor of engineering major in Tianjin, famous teacher of ideological and political teaching in Tianjin, 1 collective first-class merit of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the first civil aviation first prize for outstanding teachers of ideological and political teaching. 

Presided over 1 key project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China Civil Aviation Joint Fund under research, led 1 major civil aircraft project under research of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 5 major civil aircraft special projects under research, and 1 major technical innovation project of the Civil Aviation Administration.