Prof. Bin Wu Invited as Conference Technical Committees of ISAES 2022

Prof. Bin Wu Invited as Conference Technical Committees of ISAES 2022


Prof. Bin Wu, Shenyang Aircraft Design and Research Institute



Bin Wu, male, Han nationality, researcher, special expert in aviation industry. He has long been engaged in the research and development and application of new aircraft structures, the application of additive manufacturing, and the research on aircraft structure optimization design technology. He has successively participated in the development of more than 10 types of aircraft and is responsible for the optimization of airframe structures of several aircraft models. Presided over and participated in the research of more than 30 pre research projects in the field of additive structure research and aircraft structure optimization. Won 1 second prize of national technological invention, 1 first prize and 4 third prizes of national defense scientific and technological progress, and 4 second prizes of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress; 30 authorized invention patents; He has published more than 20 journal papers and edited one.