2023 2nd International Symposium on Aerospace Engineering and Systems (ISAES 2023)
A.Prof. Xiaojing Wu Invited as Conference Technical Committees of ISAES 2022



A.Prof. Xiaojing Wu, Northwestern Polytechnical University


邬晓敬,工学博士,西北工业大学民航学院副教授。于2008 - 2018年在西北工业大学航空学院学习。2020年7月加入民航学院,将长期从事飞行器设计与优化相关研究工作。近年来,主持国家自然基金、博士后科学基金等多项研究课题。参与国家自然基金优秀青年基金、国家863专项子课题等科研项目。以第一作者身份在航空航天领域顶级期刊AEROSP SCI TECHNOL、STRUCT MULTIDISCIP O、CHINESE J AERONAUT、力学学报等期刊发表论文十余篇,并出版学术专著一本。担任AEROSP SCI TECHNOL、STRUCT MULTIDISCIP O 等期刊审稿人。

Xiaojing Wu, Associate Professor at school of Civil Aviation, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), supervisor of Master students. From 2008 to 2018, he studied in the School of Aeronautics of NPU. He joined the School of Civil Aviation in July 2020 and has been engaged in research related to aircraft design and optimization for a long time. In recent years, he has presided over a number of research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Moreover, he also Participated in scientific research projects such as excellent youth fund of NSFC and national 863 special project. He has published more than ten papers and one academic monograph in the top journals in the aerospace field, such as AEROSP SCI TECHNOL、STRUCT MULTIDISCIP O、CHINESE J AERONAUT and so on. He Served as reviewer of AEROSP SCI TECHNOL、STRUCT MULTIDISCIP O and other journals.