A.Prof. Wei Tian Invited as Conference Technical Committees of ISAES 2022

A.Prof. Wei Tian Invited as Conference Technical Committees of ISAES 2022


A.Prof. Wei Tian, Northwestern Polytechnical University


田玮,西北工业大学航空学院,副教授,硕士生导师。长期从事高超声速飞行器结构动力学设计及非线性气动弹性力学的相关科研工作。近五年有20余篇相关论文发表在NONLINEAR DYNAM、COMPOS STRUCT、J SOUND VIB、INT J MECH SCI、航空学报等本领域权威期刊上,并受邀担任多个期刊审稿人。主持或作为主要参与人先后承担了航空航天领域的课题项目10余项。

Wei Tian, Associate Professor at School of Aeronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, supervisor of Master students. His research interests include structural dynamics of hypersonic aircraft, and nonlinear aeroelasticity. He published more than 20 journal papers over the last five years in authoritative journals in the aerospace field, such as Nonlinear Dynam, Compos Struct, J Sound Vib, Int J Mech Sci, Chinese J Aeronautics. He was invited to be the reviewer of many SCI journals. He presided over and participated in more than 10 projects in the aerospace engineering field.

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[4] Tian Wei*, Gu Yingsong, et al. Nonlinear aeroservoelastic analysis of a supersonic aircraft with control fin free-play by component mode synthesis technique, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2021, 493:115835.

[5] Tian Wei, Li Yueming, Yang Zhichun, et al. Suppression of nonlinear aeroelastic responses for a cantilevered trapezoidal plate in hypersonic airflow using an energy harvester enhanced nonlinear energy sink, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 2020, 172(1): 0-105417.