​A.Prof. Xiaoan Hu Invited as Conference Technical Committees of ISAES 2022

​A.Prof. Xiaoan Hu Invited as Conference Technical Committees of ISAES 2022


A.Prof. Xiaoan Hu, NanChang Hangkong University



XiaoAn HU, PHD. Vice profession in School of Aircraft Engineering. He is mainly engaged in the research on fatigue and fracture behavior of aerospace structures. He has been engaged in systematic and in-depth research on solid mechanics constitutive theory, failure theory and life theory under thermomechanical fatigue load of Superalloy structures applied in aeroengines. The main papers are as follows:

1. Zhang Qiang, XiaoAn Hu*, Zhang ZhiRuo, Sun Tong, Wu Jingwu*. The mean stress and phase angle effect on multiaxial fatigue behavior of a TiAl alloy: failure analysis and life modeling. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 2021, 193. 

2. Ren DuQiang, Xue ZhiYuan, JiangYun*, Hu Xiaoan*. Influence of single tensile overload on fatigue crack propagation behavior of the selective laser melting inconel 625 superalloy. Engineering Fracture Mechanics , 2020, 239. 

3. Xiaoan Hu, Qiang Zhang, Yun Jiang, GuoFeng Rao, GuoLei Miao, WeiFeng He, XiangFan Nie. The effectof cyclic loading on the creep fatigue life and creep strength of a DS superalloy: damage mechanism and life modeling [J]. International Journal of Fatigue. 2020. 134.

4. Hu XiaoAn, XueZhi Yuan, Jiang Yun, et al. On the fatigue crack growth behavior of selective laser melting fabricated Inconel 625: effects of build orientation and stress ratio. Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures. 2020. 43(4): 771-787.

5. Hu XiaoAn, Zhang Qiang, Yang Xiao-Guang*, Shi Duo-Qi.Viscoplastic analysis method of an aeroengine turbine blade subjected to transient thermal mechanical loading. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. , 2019, 152, 247-256.