2023 2nd International Symposium on Aerospace Engineering and Systems (ISAES 2023)
Prof. Zishun Liu Invited as Keynote speaker of ISAES 2022

Prof. Zishun Liu Invited as Keynote speaker of ISAES 2022


Prof. Zishun Liu, Xi'an Jiaotong University


刘子顺博士:西安交通大学应用力学学士、固体力学硕士;新加坡国立大学固体力学硕士和博士。现任西安交通大学教授,西安交通大学国际应用力学中心执行主任(兼任航天航空学院学术委员会主任),国际应用力学学报(IJAM)主编,国际计算材料科学与工程(IJCMSE)主编,材料与结构力学学报(JOMMS) 主编;多个SCI期刊编委。国际应用力学学会(IAAM)秘书长,新加坡计算力学学会荣誉主席,亚洲太平洋区计算力学学会常务理事,国际计算力学学会 (IACM) 常务理事, 国际应用力学学会会士(IAAM Fellow),国际先进材料学会会士(FIAAM),新加坡计算力学学会会士(Fellow)。主要研究方向:软物质力学;计算力学;纳米力学; 振动噪声。发表国际期刊杂志SCI论文200多篇。作为大会主席主办多个大型国际学术会议。

Dr. Zishun Liu is a Professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) and Executive Director of International Center for Applied Mechanics. He is also the General Secretary of Int. Association of Applied Mechanics (IAAM) and the Honorary President of Singapore Association of Computational Mechanics. He is Fellow of Int. Association of Applied Mechanics, Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials and SACM fellow. He served on the faculty of XJTU between 1986 and 1994, and as Senior Scientist, Capability Group Manager at Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore (IHPC), and Associate Professor of NUS at various points from 1999 to 2012. As a visiting scientist, he worked in Max Planck Institute for Metals Research, Stuttgart, Germany and University of Glasgow, UK in 2005 and 2006 respectively. His research interests are in the areas of Mechanics of Soft Materials, Computational Solid Mechanics & Biomechanics, Nanomechanics, Vibro-Acoustic. He has published more than 200 SCI referred research papers and many of his research articles were awarded Most Cited Author Award. Now he also holds Adjunct Professorships in NUS.

Dr Liu is an active member of various leadership roles in editorial boards and professional communities as follow: Dr. Liu is an Editor-In-Chief of Int. Journal of Applied Mechanics and Int. Journal of Computational Materials Science and Engineering, and Editor of Journal of Mechanics of Material and Structures, Associate Editor of Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics. He also serves on the editorial boards of IJCM, IJSSD, AMS, AMSS etc.. As a Chairman, Dr. Liu has organized more than 20 Int. Conferences in the field of computational mechanics & applied mechanics.